Managed Services

Cloud (Office365)

BCPi, Inc. can help you maximize your abilities through the use of Office 365 and the power of cloud computing. Our managed services can help you use Office 365 across all of your devices to boost productivity, increase collaboration opportunities, and improve communication across the board. Our team will work with you to create a custom solution that will provide you with all of the services you require.

Cloud computing has become more popular in recent years, providing companies with powerful tools and resources that they can use to their advantage. BCPi, Inc. can offer solutions that are designed to enhance your day-to-day operations and prepare you for your needs in the future.


Security (Network, Email IOT etc.)

Cyber attacks are a serious threat to businesses across all industries in today's computer-driven world. Protect your business from potentially devastating attacks with comprehensive network security at the enterprise level. You need more than just a reputable anti-virus security software application. Our managed services can be used to establish a full-spectrum approach to help you thwart even the most sophisticated attacks.

In addition to providing our clients with a custom security program, we can also offer educational support that will prevent many of these attacks from ever happening in the first place. Employee education is essential, as many cyber attacks rely on someone clicking on a suspicious link or visiting an infected website to make their way into your network.

Virtualization (server / storage)

Virtualization technology is available to many different types of clients based on their unique needs through our managed services. We can provide solutions for small businesses as well as large enterprises with options designed to meet both your security and budgetary requirements. These solutions can help to consolidate computing and streamline essential tasks to increase performance.

  • Options available for any budget, security or storage need.
  • Solutions are available for small workloads, with just a handful hosts and virtual machines.
  • Strategies can also be developed for more substantial workload requirements, with many hosts and hundreds of virtual machines.